Emerge Ambassadors

“This is awesome, I am so thankful for this recognition … really I am lost for words. I wouldn’t be who I am now without MAV a few years ago.”
- Vicki Kinai, Emerge Ambassador

For the past decade, Multicultural Arts Victoria’s (MAV’s) Emerge program has cultivated strong relationships with local community members, artists and leaders, many of whom contributed significantly to the success of the Emerge Festivals and development of the program over its course. In 2014, MAV was thrilled to formally acknowledge and appoint 34 artists, from the Emerge Festival municipalities as Emerge Ambassadors.

WYNDHAM: King Bell (Congo), Eshak Awi (Sudan), Nanthu Kunoo (Burma/Karen), Hsar Pweh (Burma/Karen), Atakilty Woreita (Ethiopia), Vicki Kinai (Papua New Guinea)

BRIMBANK: Ras Jahknow (Cape Verde), Otto Mark Otim (Sudan), Hilary Bucumi (Burundia), Ezekiel Ntirenganya (Burundia), Fostin Nshimirimana (Burundia), Emmanuel Nagahesi (Burundia)

MARIBYRNONG: Bitsat Seyoum (Ethiopia), Sinit Tsegay (Ethiopia), Yasseen Musa (Eritrea), Berhan Ahmed (Eritrea), Nazar Yousif (Sudan), Karim Degal (Oromo)

DANDENONG: Taqi Khan (Afghanistan/Hazara), Simon Landid (Sudan), Paulo Almeida (East Timor), Abdoulie Sallah (Senegal), Belthrand Habiyakare (Burundia), Rose Ochien (Acholi)

YARRA: Ajak Kwai (Sudan), Nouria Salehi (Afghanistan/Hazara), Seble Girma (Ethiopia), Yoseph Bekele (Ethiopia), Mohammed Komba (Comoros Islands)

SHEPPARTON: Monga Mukasa (Congo), Derrick Bwihambi (Congo), Joseph Fernandez (India), Cynthia Ortiz Gorry (Philippines), Fatima Al Qarakchy (Iraq)


Melbourne Festival Ambassadors

“The Ambassador program is a wonderful way to unite with our local and international artists, hear and see new ideas, and develop connections with fellow ambassadors and our
respective communities.”
– Nilusha Dassenaike, 2014 Melbourne Festival Ambassador

Multicultural Arts Victoria has joined forces with Melbourne Festival since 2011 on Igniting Imagination as a way to build dynamic new bonds with our CALD communities. Each year Festival Ambassadors are appointed from various cultural backgrounds to take an active role in experiencing the Festival and connecting the Festival to their communities.

The 2016 Festival Ambassadors are:
Danny Atlaw
Victoria Chiu
James Henry
Suzanne Kalk
Chaco Kato
Ajak Kwai
Astrid Mendez
Mindy Meng Wang
Tomoko Yamasaki

Download the Igniting Imagination 2016 Ambassador Profiles.


MTC CONNECT Ambassadors

“I’m passionate about the role of theatre in creating cultural dialogue. I think this is a great opportunity to connect artists from diverse backgrounds to create culture that reflects our reality and explores more possibilities. I strongly believe that theatre is a place where justice and redemption could be found. It’s a refuge and a place that allow us to dream and create our own vision for the future, a vision that could reflect who we are and what we will become. I hope that through my artistic experience and collaboration with fellow artists, we could bring about an additional dimension to the theatre scene in Melbourne.”
– Majid Shokor, former MTC CONNECT Ambassador

MTC CONNECT began in 2013 as a partnership between Multicultural Arts Victoria and the Melbourne Theatre Company that was established to broaden the range of voices informing Melbourne Theatre Company’s theatre making and programming processes. It is part of MTC’s long-term goal to reflect Melbourne’s cultural diversity and the program is the first of its kind for an Australian state theatre company. MTC CONNECT is a tailored program where eleven theatre artists of diverse cultural backgrounds act as cultural and artistic ambassadors, advocates and facilitators between MTC and their communities.

The 2017 Ambassadors are:
Samah Sabawi
Suhasini Seelin
Shannan Lim
Vidya Rajan
Wahibe Moussa

Download the 2017 MTC Connect Ambassador Profiles.