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Multicultural Arts Victoria supports Victorian artist and choreographer Victoria Chiu’s vision The Shanghai Theatre Academy and Multicultural Arts Victoria proudly presents artist and choreographer Victoria Chiu’s creative contribution to the China Shanghai International Arts Festival: What Happened in Shanghai. The performance examines spaces between death and new life will be showing from the 27th-28th October. What Happened in Shanghai is a contemporary dance, video and live music collaboration between Chinese and Australian artists. It is a contemporary movement and cultural experiment that highlights four highly-skilled dancers; Kristina Chan, Gabrielle Nankivell (Australia), Lui YaNan and Yi LingXi (China).   It will also feature musicians Mindy Meng Weng (China/Australia) and MHP (China), video artist Guo JinXin (China) and assistant director Roland Cox (Australia). The event will present the contrasting movements and responses to the (dis)connections between the artists’ experiences and their grandmothers’ lives. The result is a dynamic use of the contemporary body plus a visual and experimental sound scape to illuminate different attitudes towards family and interrogate why families decide to move their home.

“This international cross-cultural work builds connections between Australia and China’s independent artistic community. It is a privilege to support this creative and highly-skilled team led by Victoria Chiu. The CSIAF audiences are in for an exceptional intercultural experience! What Happened in Shanghai will connect on many levels,”

Multicultural Arts Victoria CEO Jill Morgan AM

The performance begins with the dancers gradually entering the sacred performance space. They transition from solo to group movements reflecting common themes from their combined stories. The movement of dance constantly interrogates the realms between death and new life, each dancer interprets the contemplative space of existence. The audience are like passers-by on the street; watching the dance unfold while they too are on a journey. This is an intimate work told using English and Chinese text, and through the use of projections with music experimentation. The dancers’ movements weave through vignettes and emotions that cross time and culture, making What Happened in Shanghai a truly intercultural experience. KEY INFORMATION

  • Title: What Happened in Shanghai
  • Dates: 27th-28th October 2017
  • Time: From 2pm
  • Location: Rehearsal Hall, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai
  • Cost: Free

ABOUT VICTORIA CHIU Artist Victoria Chiu’s inspiration for What Happened in China is her family, specifically her grandmother. Her grandmother, Yuen Kun Chi studied the piano at the Shanghai Conservatorium during the Japanese occupation. Her best friend Chiubik perished in the turmoil and her dying wish was for my grandmother to replace her as wife and mother. “My perception of my grandmother is framed by having known her only as an old austere woman whose language I couldn’t speak. “Would I have a different opinion of my grandmother if I had been able to know her in her youth and better understand her life’s context? What do we inherit from past family tragedies?”, Chiu wonders. The performance explores these personal questions and more. What Happened in Shanghai is inspired by culture, family and explores the secrets of past family experiences that still has an impact today. Poster Final THE ARTISTS – WHAT HAPPENED IN SHANGHAI Victoria Chiu – Choreographer (Australia) Kristina Chan – Dancer (Australia) Gabrielle Nankivell – Dancer (Australia) Lui Ya Nan – Dancer (China) Yi Ling Xi – Dancer (China) Guo JinXin – Video Artist/set designer (China) Mindy Meng Wang – Musician/ Guzheng (China/Australia) MHP – Electronic musician (China) Roland Cox – Assistant Director(Australia) Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV): MAV has evolved over four decades into one of Australia’s most important bodies for the discovery, development & promotion of culturally & linguistically diverse (CALD) contemporary art, heritage & cultural expression. MAV works with many artists who are from communities that have come from war and trauma in their homeland. Celebrating these cultures with the wider Australian community enhances a real sense of a new beginning and cohesive cultural pride. MAV also offers expertise in audience development, community engagement & artistic excellence with CALD communities. MAV’s key creative development & leadership programs transform & extend discourse on key issues & the pivotal role of arts & cultural activity in building community capacity & identity. MEDIA CONTACT: Darren Saffin:  darren@progressivepr.com.au Phone: 0411 089 209 Victoria Chiu: vic@victoriachiu.org Phone: 0414 822 550


Friday 27 October 2017
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