7.00 pm — 9.00 pm
Immigration Museum
400 Flinders St

Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
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Grotto, by Victoria Chiu, is in a program at the Immigration Museum for Asia TOPA with 2 other contemporary movement works by Tony Yap and Priya Srinivasen

“Grotto is inspired by the Mogao Caves, Dunhuang. When I visited the region, I was struck by the diverse details in the caves, the colours and loneliness in the desert and the feeling that the landscape had hosted many a traveller/pilgrim for thousands of years. Later I discovered that Dunhuang Dance was created in the 1980s by a conscious decision to develop a dance technique from the paintings on the walls of the Mogao Caves.”

- Victoria Chiu

Using this type of movement directive in Melbourne, Grotto will explore the short-term affects of what happens when Melbourne artists are given similar, specific directives to create movement. “To do this we will work with artwork that exists in the City of Melbourne, on buildings or walls and chosen sites within the streets themselves, the results of our rigorous experimentation will be adapted to cave-like pockets inside the Immigration Musuem.” Victoria added. The resulting work is also expected to contain the personality of each artist and reflect contemporary Melbourne.

Choreographer: Victoria Chiu

Dancers: TraMi Dinh, Amelia McQueen, Sarah Mealor, Shian Law

Musicians: Mindy Meng Wang, Roland Cox

Presented at Immigration Museum Melbourne for Asia TOPA, 15-18 February 7pm.

Artist talk free: 18 Feb 3pm

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Wednesday 15 February 2017, 7.00 pm
Saturday 18 February 2017, 9.00 pm
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