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Waves of love & emotion, is the 10th inter-generational exhibition presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) under the umbrella of WHAT HAPPENED AT THE PIER.

Themed on the concept of LOVE in all its permutations, what lies at the heart of each story is a visual biography, small in scale but GRAND in the way experiences are revealed by each of the Memory Keepers with sincere simplicity.

If one was to single out the most powerful element in these twelve pieces, it would have to be indelible memories which illustrate – the good and the not so good – experiences that women from all walks of life went through on the way to reinventing themselves in the Australian social context.

All textile objects in this exhibition speak of tradition and transition. Some have been passed on from mother to daughter. Some were crafted by Memory Keepers themselves, when still very young girls. Some factory made, which would have been bought at great sacrifice to the family’s finances. While others, have been lovingly woven by mothers and grandmothers in lands a long way from Australia – all functional, all with the express purpose of adding one more piece of trousseau to a young woman’s “glory box”.

In the 21st Century, each one of these elaborately adorned pieces, that crossed the seas buried in trunks and suitcases, has been superseded by readily available Australian style bedspreads, pillow cases, bath towels, tablecloths.

Now considered too beautiful or too fragile to put into everyday use, in the hands of a younger generation of women of migrant origin, these once-lovingly crafted domestic pieces, however, have become objects of resistance. Indeed, it is through stories about the origin of objects like these, that the socialization of young women is revealed.

Waves of love & emotion brings together twelve Memory Keepers from all over Melbourne, one from Mildura and two from Ballarat.

They are: Lucia Ciampa with Gina Varrasso, Julie Paganonis –Kyriacou, Jema Stellato- Pledger, Tamara Bekier with Robert Marnika, Stella Michael, Zora Frank –Durut, Mimmo Cozzolino, Nick Polites with Con Pagonis, Tina Churkovich with Robert Marnika, Linda de Clario, Con Pagonis and, Giuseppa Pipicella-Callipari with Fortunata Maria Callipari.

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Emerald Hill Library & Heritage Centre

195 Bank Street, South Melbourne 

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As part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s What Happened at the Pier program, the Recalling the Journey E-Publication touches on our profound cultural heritage through the historical sites of Princes and Station Piers in Port Melbourne. These sites resonate as the first impression of a new home for many thousands of migrants; people forced from their countries of origin, people seeking a new beginning and leaving behind much of what was important to them.

What would these people have felt as they disembarked from the Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt, the Australis or the Neptunia? Recalling the Journey allows us to sense a little of what this abrupt experience might have been like for some, as they took their initial steps along the pier, carrying their few possessions, perhaps with their children, perhaps alone, towards an unfamiliar horizon.

Each story in this publication, echo particular moments in history. They are a collection of opportunities to consider the circumstances that motivated millions of people to embark on the long and dangerous journey to Australia. Given that for many, up to the late 1970s, Australia was an unknown continent.

Link to: Recalling the Journey E-Publication: https://heritage.portphillip.vic.gov.au/People_places/Community_Stories/Recalling_the_Journey




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