FlyBz – Just Passing Through (CD)


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FlyBz: Just Passing Through CD

Burundian Hip Hop duo FlyBz released their debut album Just Passing Through on 22 November 2012 at The Order of Melbourne.

Made up of young emcees Clik Fablice and G-Storm, FlyBz have combined forces with acclaimed producer Ptero_Stylus (Diafrix) for the production, refining their skills as quality lyric writers and beat-makers.

The album follows the story of this uncle-nephew duo, from family life in Burundi, to escape in neighboring Tanzania’s refugee camps following civil war in their homelands and interweaves the experiences of their new life in Australia since arrival in 2007.

The album stays true to their beliefs of embracing life and love, while taking a stance on discrimination and promoting their political messages and unique lives as young refugees.

FlyBz was joined on the night by longtime friends Pataphysics, Massive Hip Hop Choir, Bangs, DJ Counta and MCs Jack Hewitt and Paulie Stewart who incorporated the visuals of their recently released music videos.

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