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KOORI VISIBLE CD – Bringing the Power Back (The Tjudin Band)

In this project, Indigenous musician David Arden worked with the full support of Multicultural Arts Victoria and within our existing program framework – the highly successful Visible mentoringprogram.

The project aims to ensure the successful establishment of an Aboriginal component of this important Multicultural Arts program for emerging and marginalised talented artists.

David Arden

David was the indigenous artistic mentor on the project, who is a highly accomplished musician working alongside several emerging young Aboriginal artists to develop high quality new music performance work that integrated both traditional and contemporary elements of their culture.

Bringing the Power Back

The result of the first Visible Indigenous was the development of Tjudin and the recording of Bringing the Power Back a mini CD.

Within the indigenous community MAV is acutely aware that there is a particular need to develop the confidence of young people to express their musical talents and share with the wider community.

There is a wealth of talent within our community yet to be discovered or in urgent need of the support and skills development that a program such as Visible offers.

The Visible project has provided emerging young Aboriginal artists under the mentorship of David with the chance to address music and performance skills development, and an opportunity to develop effective communication, networking, partnership skills so that they may contribute to the Australian music industry.


Koori Visible CD features The Tjudin Band, including


  • Vocals: Allan Brown Jnr, Sky Waiata.
  • Backing Vocals: Sky Waiata, David Arden
  • Hip Hop Vocals: Casey Atkinson
  • Didgeridoo: Allan Brown Jnr
  • Guitar: Arthur Day, Amos Roach, David Arden
  • Bass Guitar: Amos Roach
  • Drum’s: Arthur Day, David Arden
  • Keyboards: Bruce Haymes