ReMastered Myths 2015 CD cover

ReMastered Myths (digital album)

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Tjupurru ft. Efiq Zulfiquar, Ebony Moncrief & Abdul Hammoud
Oisima ft. Ria Soemardjo & Noriko Tadano
Lem Lem Band

ReMastered Myths brings together artists from Melbourne’s diverse communities with established contemporary musicians to spark inter-cultural, unusual, national collaborations and eclectic new musical genres representative of Melbourne’s unique demographic. Featuring some of Australia’s newest talent alongside leading figures in Melbourne’s music scene, this creative development program has multiple performance outcomes, highlights rare and under- represented musical styles in Melbourne and generates some of the most exciting musical creations to date.

This album was recorded live at Howler on Sunday July 12 2015.

ReMastered Myths is supported by Creative Victoria and Australia Council for the Arts.

This album is available to purchase as a digital download from Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Bandcamp.