Luminous Lunas at Federation Square, Mapping Melbourne 2015 image by Windu Kuntoro

Creating new perspectives, new possibility and new expression – a series of multi-artform events for independent artists providing a platform for new Australian/Asian intercultural work in the heart of Melbourne in December annually.

Mapping Melbourne is a platform for strengthening arts networks between contemporary independent artists across the Australasian region, building connections and establishing collaborative ongoing relationships, and presenting challenging work. Each year the program brings together a potent mix of artists to forge a unique creative and artistic taskforce that investigates and interrupts often held perceptions and invites active audience engagement in new challenging and site specific Asian focused contemporary work.

Since the inaugural event in 2013, through artistic networks, MAV has engaged over 350 artists from across Australia, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, East Timor, Singapore, Malaysia, Tibet, Philippines and Vietnam. Backdrops have ranged from iconic Melbourne heritage sites to contemporary spaces and public places.

Key outcomes for Mapping Melbourne artists:

• cross-pollinating Australian and Asian established, midcareer and emerging artists and building new peer-to-peer creative connections

• ongoing and rich interdisciplinary skills sharing and professional development opportunities

• new pathways to Asia for more opportunities and creative exploration of Australian /Asian work

• development of dialogue both in aesthetic and philosophical frameworks

• exploration of a creative response to place and space

• a deep development of an artistic dialogue that explores difference in cultural and artistic histories and identities • exposure to new diverse audiences

“The Mapping Melbourne invitation and exchange experience has enabled an “after-life” for the Fire Monkey collaborative performance project. The friendship and working rapport cultivated during the artistic exchange certainly proved to be a strong component in ensuring the mutual will and desire to follow up with the production staging. Like any other cross-cultural project or venture, the follow-up will be wrought with a different set of challenges in the next negotiation but the partnership through Mapping Melbourne has borne trust and rapport for us. We anticipate new excitement in our continuation of exploring new performance sites and audiences, and forge further the understanding between different cultures that are absolutely imperative in our times.”

Angela Liong

Artistic Director, Arts Fission Company

Fire Monkey collaboration between Melbourne based choreographer Victoria Chiu and the Arts Fission Company


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