“When I came it was my fear that I might go somewhere where no one may care. With no money, we were very new in this country, we didn’t know any program or any system and we were lucky enough to find Multicultural Arts Victoria. Since then we feel like MAV, Multicultural Arts Victoria, was our rescuer. We get the feeling like we are part of this society. We get the feeling like we are accepted.
– Belthrand Habiyakare, artist, Burundi Drumming Group

“I think an important seed has been sown for something that is very rich in the women’s lives; it is the coming together of the group but also the learning of new techniques to express themselves.
– Sara Lindsay, Weaver/Mentor, Karen’s Women’s Group

In addition to working with individual artists, Multicultural Arts Victoria aims to strengthen Australia’s cultural narrative by embracing diverse communities too. Recent community collaborations include: Australia’s first Omagh Celebrations of Hazaragi culture attracting over 2,000 attendees; Karen Women’s Tapestry Weaving Projects ‘Entwined’ and ‘Patterns of Life’; Australia’s first Burundian Independence Day celebrations; ‘What Happened at the Pier’ community storytelling project curated by Lella Cariddi; and ‘The Landing’ for Piers Festival 2015 which involved extensive engagement with communities who arrived to Australia through Princes Pier including the Greek, Mauritian and Rodriguan, Ukrainian, Italian and Turkish communities.