Part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s State of Culture Music Program


“Producers’ Lounge is unique because unlike other programs, the producers get hands on experience working to develop the artist’s ideas and vision into music. As a producer, the artist relies on you to develop their vision and this can be really difficult if you don’t already have an established network of people to bounce ideas off – this program helps to build these networks and connections. Producers’ Lounge also gives the emerging producers the opportunity to learn new skills they may not already have and understand how to use their existing techniques to enhance their quality of work.”
– Mohamed Komba (aka MC MoMO of Diafrix), Producers’ Lounge Mentor

The annual Producers’ Lounge program began in 2014 to fill a gap in programs for young producers – a direct response to feedback from young artists and youth engaged with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV). This program provides young emerging producers from culturally diverse backgrounds the opportunity to develop skills in production and new tracks under the guidance of respected artist and producer Mohamed Komba (aka MC MoMO of Diafrix).

Producers’ Lounge provides mentoring for emerging producers who work with MoMO in a series of workshops to create beats, discuss different arrangements and complete different exercises to develop their skills. A key facet of the program focuses on highlighting and fine- tuning skills required in the collaborative process of music-making between producers and musicians including ways to effectively translate musical concepts to reality. The program supports the development and launch of new tracks that are released on MAV’s Bandcamp at

This program is part of MAV’s State of Culture Music Program.