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The Lalibelas, Visible Music Mentoring Program 2014, photo by Michelle Grace Hunder

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Over the last decade, Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) has run Visible, an annual program diversity in the musical ecology of Australia by paving pathways for artists from refugee and indigenous backgrounds into band rooms and recording studios, radio stations and onto stages, linking them with top Melbourne musicians and producers. This has visibly contributed to an Australian sound, proud and representative of the reality of our diverse make up.

In addition to producing a yearly compilation album of mentor and mentee participants, MAV launched its Visible Record Label in 2014, offering artists who have been through the mentoring program to record, release and market their own EP.

2017 marks the release of the 11th Visible album from Multicultural Arts Victoria’s (MAV) flagship music mentoring program – Visible. MAV prides itself on offering unique platforms for musicians and artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase themselves into the music industry.

Capacity building workshop for emerging artists with a panel discussing ‘How to get gigs in today’s industry’ with Robert Douglas Sola (Hope st Records) Lewis Can Cut (DJ) Emily Ulman (band booker from Toff in Town and Gasometer

MAV, being the only Victorian organisation of its kind that provides opportunities and support structures for artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as presenting culturally diverse art to the public at large. Multicultural Arts Victoria established the Emerge Cultural Network to increase the access, participation and ‘Visibility’ of new and emerging refugee communities in the arts.

Visible continues to grow and expand with an ongoing mission to link participants with established producers, musicians and industry experts to open pathways and networks across different sectors within the music industry. With boundless opportunities and advantages to both mentor and mentee the venture enriches their practice through cultural exchange of diverse musical style, rhythm and groove.

As part of their 11th Visible, MAV welcomes nine new faces and a thrilling 17-person choir from all over the globe onto the scene, some who have already performed around Melbourne and others who have travelled over the seas. And all have their own incomparable journeys to share. Immerse yourself into the Visible culture program with the launch taking off Sunday July 2nd as part of Emerge in Yarra 2017.

Visible celebrates the diversity in the musical ecology of Australia by paving pathways for artists from refugee and Indigenous backgrounds into band rooms and recording studios, radio stations and onto stages. While providing participants with boundless skills development, such as mentoring in song writing and web presence, while strengthening portfolio and promotional materials through equipping artists with a professionally recorded track, electronic press kit and high quality press shots. Performance skills are enhanced throughout the year through prospects such as the Emerge Festival series and other Multicultural Arts Victoria produced events and performances generated through our artist agency.

View 2017 visible program on MAV YouTube channel

The EPs and albums are available on MAV’s Bandcamp at Past CDs featuring the diverse artists who have been part of this program are available in our Resources.

The Visible Music Mentoring Program is part of MAV’s State of Culture Music Program.